Here you can find my answers to the Car Buying Questions i hear most from my customers.

The information available on your site — the reports, videos, and especially the Ultimate Auto Researcher — are solid gold. So what’s the catch, Jim?

There’s no catch. I offer this information to build trust with potential customers. Some end up giving me a try on their next car. Or referring me to family and friends.

My valuable materials are completely free. And there’s no obligation. If you want my help, contact me.

Car buying seems to take forever! Can you help me?

Absolutely! The keyword here is preparation. The process can be streamlined by agreeing to the price up front. And by making sure key documents are available — driver’s license, insurance info, etc, in advance. This front end effort often means that the customer drops by, signs a few papers, listens as I go thru the car and they’re ready to go… I’ve even had deals where the customer NEVER had to come to our dealership at all, and the car was delivered to their house!

Leasing or financing approval can be handled online. If you have a trade in, we generally like to see it but sometimes we’ll do it ‘sight unseen’ based on your detailed description of the vehicle. The bottom line is this: I will do everything in my power to make this as quick, easy and enjoyable as possible!

What’s my Trade In worth?

Bring it in and I’ll give you an exact price. For a ballpark figure visit On the bottom left of the home page is a button that says ‘What’s My Trade Worth?’ Click on that, fill out the form and submit. You’ll get a Black book value expressed as a range.

I’ve just moved here. Is there anything about the climate that might affect my choice of color?

Floridian summers get very hot. So I recommend light colors — white, silver or light blue, which stay cooler. These colors show scratches or road grime far less than darker colors do. Also, lighter colored cars, being more visible by night, may have a lower risk of accident.

The popularity of light colored cars in Florida means that choosing one now should make it easier to sell when you are ready to do that.

Do I qualify for leasing or finance?

Contact me directly. I will send you a link to Venice Honda’s Online Credit Application Page. Simply complete and submit it. Then I’ll contact you to discuss your options.

I’m committed to buying Honda. Can you get me best price, immediately? Without the usual hassle?

Yes. Let me know the Honda model you’re interested in. I’ll get back to you with a quote in double quick time. As an Internet Manager, I work on a Flat-Fee (non-commission) basis. So I give you the best price up front without any of the usual conventional car-buying nonsense.

I just moved to Florida, Jim. Would you be willing to personally recommend doctors, dentists, wine shops, Japanese restaurants and so on?

Sure. I have a list of over 100 merchants in Venice and surrounding areas that I personally recommend. I use them all. And, crucially, I receive nothing from them for my recommendations. I will happily send you this list free of charge — just please bear in mind that the inclusion of any vendor on my list is a matter of personal opinion. You should still perform your own due diligence. But at least this will give you an excellent start !

Should I lease or finance my next car?

You’ll find a link to a comprehensive report on the subject on my Home page.

I have a pretty good idea of the make and model I want, But I need to drive the car before I commit. The problem is, I’m very busy. Can you help with this?

Yes. Within reason, I’ll happily bring our car to you for a test drive. Please contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time!

What are the pros and cons of trading my car in or selling it on my own?

A great question. Call me to discuss your options. I’ll help you avoid the pitfalls.