As a creative sales professional, I utilize my exceptional experience within the automotive industry to effectively assist clients in making smart car buying decisions that eliminate frustrations and prevent regrets. I focus mainly on Honda vehicles, combining industry skills and know-how to provide efficient solutions with absolute professionalism. I am a Honda Certified professional with an industry leading Customer Satisfaction Index of 95.7%.

Over 12 years with Honda, I’ve worked with literally thousands of customers, listening and assisting them in achieving their wants, needs, and goals in the car buying process. After many years in the automotive industry, I decided to establish FreeCarBuyingInfo.com to assist my customers in addressing specific car buying problems.

FreeCarBuyingInfo.com is a one of a kind website that offers valuable free information to help car buyers easily solve their most vexing problems. At FreeCarBuyingInfo.com, you’ll discover how to quickly conduct fact-based research by leveraging my “Ultimate Auto Researcher” (and other useful resources) to easily identify your ideal car and save thousands of dollars.
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And so much more…

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Buying a car can be stressful. There’s so much to think about, and I’m no expert. So when I came across this site, I was delighted. Here, in one place was all the information — and in layman’s terms — that I needed to make a decision. And as if that wasn’t enough, the site contained page after page of practical hints and tips to help buyers navigate their way through what, let’s face it, is a complicated business. Where will I go to research my next car? Take a guess!

G. Anderson
Aberdeen, Scotland