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Cars are one of the best and most commonly used modes of transportation. They can be affordable if you are buying used, reliable, and something you can use to drive hundreds of thousands of miles if you keep them in good condition.

If you have a little one you need to invest in a car seat to make their rides in the car safe for them at any age. However, car seats are a bit mysterious with their bulky style, random straps, and difficult instructions. That is why we have come up with a list of ten car seat facts every parent should be aware of.

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10 Fire Stations Can Check To Make Sure You Installed Your Seat Correctly

Every parent hates how difficult it is to instant a car seat. It feels at times that sometimes you need an engineering degree just to get them in. But after you finally get your car seat into your vehicle the next thing you should do before your baby arrives is to go to your local fire station so they can check to see if you installed it correctly.

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Fatherly.com states that this is a free service that many fire stations offer for residents. So be safe and get your car seat checked out for proper installation.

9 Many Rear Facing Seats Are Convertible

Even if you just had a baby you’re going to see how fast your little ones will grow right before your eyes. Since children grow so fast, many companies that manufacture car seats make them convertible so you can keep using the same one as they grow.

Though these car seats can be more expensive up front, they can save your family money in the long run if they can be converted from a rear-facing seat to a front-facing seat, to a high-back booster seat. Make the smart choice and invest in something you can use for years.


8 Don’t Worry If Your Child Looks Uncomfortable

Many parents think that if their children look uncomfortable in a rear-facing car seat then it’s too small but be careful because looks can be deceiving.

Don’t worry if your children look uncomfortable since children are more flexible than adults. So not only is your child safe in the car seat they are also comfortable.

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Your newborn is tiny and they are in a big chunky car seat so of course, they look cozy, but once your baby starts growing know that they are fine and happy in their seat.

7 Make Sure The Harness Is On Their Chest

The biggest mistake parents make when they put their little one in their car seat is where they put the front straps on them. When you buckle them up you need to back sure that the buckle and straps are at their chest and not lower on their stomach.

Having the straps on their stomach will not protect them if you are in a car accident and can even lead to internal bleeding. But when they are correctly placed on their chest it will keep them in place if an accident or sudden stop happens.


6 Make Sure Your Child Is Secured In Before Every Ride

Did you know that most car accidents happen close to home? This is why you need to make sure your child is secured every time they are in the ca, regardless of how far you are traveling.

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Sometimes when your children are in elementary school you might think it is safe for them not to need to be in their car seat if you are going just down the road, but this can cause serious injury to your child if you do happen to be in an accident. We recommend that you always play it safe and have them use their car seats at all times.

5 Do Not Let Your Child Wear A Winter Coat In A Car Seat

If you live in a place where you experience a true winter than you probably have invested in snowsuits and large winter jackets to keep your children warm in when they are outside. But if you are taking your children on a ride in the car then you need to remove their winter jackets and snowsuits while they are in their seats.

This is because any bulky clothing can affect how the car seat will work when it comes to safety. Instead, turn up the heat in the car and put their jacket on after you get to your location.


4 Only Make A Switch In Seats When Necessary

If your baby is growing fast and is in the high end of their age group percentile you might be thinking it is okay to change up their car seat whenever, but that is not true. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow your child is growing because the only thing that matters to changing their car seat up is the safety guidelines.

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Every car seat has different guidance based on different criteria when it comes to switching their seats. So don’t do what you think is right, and follow the companies guidelines instead. A car seat is only safe when used correctly.

3 Do Your Research

There are hundreds of brands of children’s car seats out there. From ones where you need to buy new each time you need to upgrade to the next stage, to ones that come in a three-in-one style. With all of these options, it can feel overwhelming to know if you are buying the right brand or type for your child.

The best thing to do when it comes to buying a car seat is to do your own research. Check out the different brands and see what other parents are saying about them. Finding reviews from other parents with the same car as you is also helpful as some seats fit better in certain cars.

You can even check to see if that company has had recalls too. Everything you lookup will help you make the right choice for your child and your car.


2 Make Sure Your Kids Are In The Correct Car Seat

Each car seat is unique to each company. Even though they all have the same safety requirements to keep your little one safe, knowing when to upgrade your seat is all up to the requirements from the company you bought your seat from.

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Safety website SafeKids.org says that the number one thing parents need to do when keeping their kids safe in the car is to make sure they are always in the correct car seat. To do this you need to keep the car seat manual someplace where you can reference their instructions each time your little one grows.

1 Even School Age Kids Should Use A Booster Seat

You might feel as a parent that once your little one is in elementary school that they do not need any type of car seat. This thinking can be very dangerous since after your child outgrows their high-back booster seat they are still going to need a regular booster seat in the car to stop the seat belt sitting uncomfortably against their neck.

Car seat safety is not just important when your child is an infant, you still need to be concerned about their safety even as they grow and are in school. So get a booster seat for your little one to use until they officially are out of the requirements for the one they are using.

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