Winter car safety preps can help when extreme cold hits – NBC Montana

Safety kits are one way drivers can prepare for cold weather emergencies. (Photo: NBC Montana)

Cold weather tips from AAA can help keep you safe during freezing cold driving conditions.

Experts say always keep your gas tank half full. This will prevent gas line freeze-up and keep you warm in case you become snowbound.

Make sure you have enough antifreeze, and remember — when temperatures drop, so does your tire pressure.

If you do slide off the road, don’t leave your car. You’ll need the shelter, and it makes you easier for rescuers to find.

Keep extra gloves, hats and blankets in your vehicle, and use floor mats or newspapers to keep yourself insulated.

It’s a good idea to keep a survival kit containing things like bandages, tools and flashlights.

It’s also important to note items you shouldn’t keep in your car. Some medications may lose their effectiveness, and soda might just explode. Cellphone batteries are also vulnerable to extreme cold, so don’t forget to grab it on your way inside.

As always, wear your seat belt.

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