7 Easy Steps to a Great Car Deal Without Ever Visiting the Dealer !

 If you’re tired of the whole Car Buying “Trial by Fire”, this report will be a breath of fresh air to you! You’ll find that by following 7 simple steps, you can dramatically cut down on the long and tedious process, allowing you to have more time for the things you love most !  So let’s get right into it:


  1. Which Car?

The first step is to write down exactly what is most important to you in a car. Some of the things you may want to consider are reliability, safety, fuel economy, sales price and payment, total cost of ownership and more… I recommend you  use my Ultimate Auto Researcher Tool.  It gives you clickable links to all the independent resources you need and it’s 100% FREE with my compliments!


  1. What price?

My recommendation is to use TrueCar.com to find out the exact sales prices of the car you’re interested in. TrueCar shows you actual sales price in your local market as well as nationwide. But there is no need to use one of their “recommended dealers” because then you’ll have to indirectly pay an extra fee!

  1. Maximizing your Trade-in

If you have a Trade-in, you’ll want to take a few steps to get the most value for it. Using my free ebook “How to Maximize the Value of your Trade-In” will put you way ahead. Once you’ve gotten your car ready, go to blackbook.com to get valuation figures . This will give you a good general idea of the trade-in value of your vehicle. Remember, you’ll need to subtract for any flaws such as worn tires, dents etc in order to get an accurate valuation. Kelley Blue Book also offers values. I find they’re high on trade-in values but good if you plan on selling the car retail. (Note: later on if the dealer wants to see your vehicle, you can  have them come to your home and bring it into the dealership to do an appraisal.)

  1. How to pay for it

Go here to see my report on “How to Improving Your Credit” . Click this link then once your credit is ready research deals on the manufacturer’s site and also research local financing then you may want to even get pre-approved on the financing period

  1. Where to buy and which salesman to buy from

All things being equal, it’s preferable to buy from a local dealer. Check social media reviews (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Edmunds, Superpages, Dealerrater etc)  on the closest dealers.

Once you’re done your homework and selected a dealer with great recommendations,  call  that dealer and ask the receptionist for the names of all their internet managers. Since you’re doing the whole transaction without going into the dealer, the Internet Manager would be the best equipped to handle this type of transaction flawlessly. Once you have the names of that dealer’s internet managers, go back to that dealer’s review sites and look for the internet manager with the best reviews. Call the dealer’s receptionist back and get the chosen salesman’s email address and cell number.

  1. Nailing Down The Deal

Email the chosen salesman with the exact year/make/model/ color/ price and trade in value for your ideal vehicle to confirm the deal. Make 100% sure that deal is out the door including all options and fees. Once you have a deal all worked out,  fax/ email/text/mail copies of the required documents so the paperwork can be completed.  These usually include: your registration, insurance ID,  the trade title,  your driver’s license,  proof of income (pay stubs), proof of residence (a utility bill) and any references that are required. (Note: do not send originals!) You’ll also want to submit an online credit application. Check dealer financing against local financing sources and choose the best option. (Remember to ask about and take into consideration any extra “fees” the lender charges!)

  1. The Final Step is to Take Delivery of your New Car!

Remember I said you’d never have to visit the dealer to get a great deal? It’s  as easy as having your  salesperson bring all the completed paperwork to sign along with the vehicle to your home or office.  This is the ultimate in convenience and I can honestly say you’re worth it !

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